February 22, 2017

Wedding Reception Games and Wedding Activities

wedding-speeches_clip_image002 There is no reason why you can’t spice up the time between dancing, eating and toasting with wedding reception games and other fun activities at your wedding reception. Give your guests something to break the ice with other guests and add some pizazz to your wedding!

Here are some of our suggestions for wedding games and activities. We have also included an article that gives an overview of what typically happens at a wedding. Click on any of the Titles to read more!

Fun and Unique Wedding Reception Games

Old Fashioned Games and Games with a Twist

If you want to have some mystery at your wedding reception, then the following games will keep your guests guessing. And I threw in the “Chicken Dance” for fun.

More Fun Wedding Reception Games

Lots of Guessing Games to Keep Guests Entertained

Sometimes it’s fun to play a “joke” on the bride or groom. Here are some games that can be played at a wedding reception where either the bride, the groom or the guests are in the dark. These are meant to be enjoyable without making anyone get too red in the face.

The Joke is on the Bride or Groom!

Sneaky Wedding Reception Games

A wedding reception is hardly ever dull, what with dancing and eating and toasting and chatting. But spicing your reception up with a fun game or activity will help keep you party unique and something you and your guests will remember.

Wedding Reception Games

Have you every considered playing games at your wedding reception? In addition to cutting the cake, toasting the bride and groom, and watching the newly wedded couple taking their traditional first dance, consider playing games at your reception. There is room to create additional memorable moments at your reception by adding a wedding reception game for the guests to take part in. Games can be a great way to relax your guests and encourage conversation. Everyone wins!

Wedding Activities

Traditional wedding activities include the father-daughter dance, the wedding champagne toast, the first dance by the newly married couple. Other possible wedding activities are a scavenger hunt at an outdoor wedding event or the creation of a portrait collage from photos of the bride and groom.