February 22, 2017

Wedding Champagne Flutes


What are Wedding Champagne Flutes?

Wedding champagne flutes, also called wedding toasting glasses are traditionally filled with champagne and raised in the air at the Champagne Toast to the Bride and Groom. This toast is often made by the best man and happens during the wedding reception meal. While it is not necessary to have special engraved wedding champagne flutes at your wedding, these glasses are a beautiful way for the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding toast while they have a captive audience and all eyes are on them. And these flutes are mementos of the wedding that the married couple will keep for years.

Types of Wedding Champagne Flutes

So many types of matching flutes are available for your choice, that you might as well select the ones that suit your personality and style. Likewise, the flutes can be coordinated to match the wedding’s themes and colors. Here is where the bride and groom get to answer some questions about details.

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Do you want your champagne flutes to be made of machined glass, hand-blown glass or crystal? Crystal wedding champagne flutes are beautiful but a bit more costly.

Do you want flutes with Swarovski crystals, diamond dust, or with hearts or raindrops of partially plated in sterling silver or gold or platinum?

Though you can get the pair of flutes by themselves, many flutes are available with the matching accessories of the cake serving set. The cake serving set is for the traditional cutting of the wedding cake. These accompanying pieces include a cake knife and spade shaped cake server with handles decorated similar to the flutes.

Personalizing Your Wedding Champagne Flutes

In addition to all of the styles that wedding flutes come in, the bride and groom can also consider getting their flutes personalized through a custom order. Not all styles are customizable so just choose a style that is. Your personalization will typically include his name, her name and the wedding date, and perhaps an initial or monogram in Script. Some suppliers allow the engraving to also be enhanced with a color.

What Do the Guests Drink From?

Needless to say the guests will not get fancy flutes like the bride and groom. However, you can have the caterer or wedding venue provide real stemmed champagne glasses for all of your invited guests, along with the other table setting items for the reception meal. If you are having a very low-key event, with disposable or compostable table ware, then you can get disposable plastic champagne flutes, too.

It is so nice for guests to hold up their “glasses” at the stem, when the wedding toast is made.

After the Toast

Well after the wedding day, couples can find an excuse to use their champagne flutes again. Perhaps on their anniversary or on Valentine’s Day. How romantic is that?

Everyone will leave the event with a lovely memento of your special day!