February 22, 2017

Inexpensive Wedding Appetizers and Finger Foods

wedding-finger-food-inexpensive_clip_image002 The way to your guest’s heart is through his stomach – Makuta

Wedding Appetizers on a Budget

If your wedding reception food budget is limited, you can provide a memorable food experience for your guests by serving wedding finger foods (a.k.a. appetizers and hors d’oeuvres). Use your budget for wedding food to decide if finger foods will preface your main reception meal or actually be your main reception meal. In general, your inexpensive wedding appetizers will be at a lower cost per guest than a plated main course.

Serving Finger Foods Lets You Save on Other Wedding Costs

Having inexpensive finger foods allow your event to be set as a cocktail party with all guests not requiring seats and place settings. Your reception can thus be a more free and easy event, and generally at a lower cost. This also allows more guests to attend than would be possible at a seated reception, without a tremendous extra cost. Of course, any time you limit the number of guests you invite, you will reap great cost savings in the food department.

Cheap Finger Foods for Weddings

If you are on a very tight food budget and your facility allows self-catering, you can get party platters, fruit and cheese platters and many types of frozen appetizers from places such as Costco and Sam’s Club. This will be a very economical option for implementing relatively cheap finger food ideas .

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