February 22, 2017

Ideas for Wedding Reception Games

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game

Play Games at Your Wedding Reception?

In addition to the traditional first dance and cutting-of-the-cake anchors of wedding reception entertainment, there is room for some plunk and excitement. Why not add a game to your reception? Games are not reserved for bridal showers but can be a great way to relax your guests and encourage conversation.

Games can be a great way to fill the reception time if many guests are not dancers or if there are religious reasons for limiting music and/or dancing. And guess what? There are plenty of games that are free!

Here are a few ideas for games that are grown-up fun without being taboo for children. These are also either free or need minimal supplies. See how easy it is to give your guests something fun to remember.

Switch the Shoes

The Bride and Groom each give the other one of their shoes and then stand back to back in front of the guests. The MC or DJ then asks funny what-ifs to the couple like “Who will take out the garbage without being asked”. The Bride and Groom then hold up the shoe for the one of them that they think fits the bill. Everyone gets a kick out of how the couple answers the questions.

On the Spot Poetry

Guests are each give a pen or pencil & a piece of paper having the start of a poem like “Joe and Betty are married today ….. ” The guests each need to complete the poem. All the poems can be pasted into a scrapbook.

Instead of handing out plain paper, buy a few extra packs of silver on white “Thank You” cards from The Knot (see the sidebars). So much prettier!

On the Spot Art

The names of all guests are put into a champagne bucket. Everyone is giving paper and a pen or pencil. Each guest picks the name of another guest and is given paper and a pencil or pen to draw the guest they chose (who they may not know). These drawings can then be pasted into a scrapbook. Just draw on the side of the paper with the guest’s name so they couple can compare the results.

The joke is on the bride and groom with our Sneaky Reception Games. Our other Recommended articles, at the right, have more fun games and other ideas to help you in planning your wedding reception entertainment.