February 22, 2017

Ideas for Wedding Reception Backdrops

What is a Wedding Reception Backdrop?

If you are wondering what is the fuss about wedding backdrops, here’s what folks are talking about. At a wedding, a reception backdrop is the artistic element that is usually set behind important tables, altars or setups for photography. Your wedding reception backdrops can consist of flowers on pedestals, an array of Grecian columns, a decorated archway or gazebo, or perhaps potted palm trees.

What you choose for your reception backdrop will be influenced by the formality of wedding, your wedding theme and whether the wedding is an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding.

How Do You Make Your Wedding Back Drop?

To create your wedding reception backdrops, consider this one simple suggestion:

Why not drape sheer fabrics along the walls, in a key color that matches your theme, in an elegant manner. Attach them at the tops (ask your venue for possible ways to do this) and leave the bottoms hanging loose. Then tie the fabrics with bows that match the color of the chair coverings or complement the bridesmaids’ gowns.

In short, a wedding reception back drop can be anything that you, your wedding planner, photographer, or florist can dream up, provided it adheres to the policies of your venue.

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