February 22, 2017

Wedding Program Fans

wedding-hair-length_clip_image002 If you are having and outdoor wedding ceremony in the warm sunshine, or a beach wedding in the tropics, then we have an idea that may be of great interest to you. Let’s introduce the wedding program fan.

What is a Wedding Program Fan?

  1. It is a wedding favor to give to your guests as a keepsake
  2. It is a fan to keep the guests cool during your exchange of vows
  3. It is a wedding program of what will be happening during your ceremony

How are Wedding Program Fans Made?

The fans are usually made of thick paper card stock and can be in the shape of a simple rectangle, heart or other shape. They are typically printed on both sides with information celebrating and “capturing” the essence of the wedding day. One side will have important items like the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding and perhaps a photo of the couple. The other side will have the program of events so the guests in attendance know what to expect during the service as well as the names of the persons in the wedding party.

A stick is sometimes attached to the bottom of the wedding fan to use as a handle. Where the stick meets the card, a silver or gold or other-colored ribbon is often tied for embellishment. Fans without sticks may have an eyelet punched for adding your ribbon. The ribbon and the card stock can be selected to be complementary with the wedding’s color theme, the ceremony flowers, aisle runner, etc.

Should You Make or Buy Your Wedding Program Fans?

Most couples getting ready for their wedding day don’t want to go to the craft store, buy all the supplies, cut all the cards to the desired shape, do the artwork, glue everything together, etc. So, a number of stationers and online shops are all set up to help you through the more difficult steps to produce enough fan wedding programs for your guests. Don’t worry, they will be produced in a very artful and beautiful way.

The printers will offer numerous wedding fan templates that give a general idea of what goes where on each side of the fan. The template gives you great freedom to customize your program including choice of inks and designs. Of course you will need to discuss the ceremony details with your wedding planner or officiant before ordering, so that you have the program schedule written down to work into the template.

Because of the size of the fan, the font of your print and any cutouts for the shape that you have selected, some of the wording may need to be slightly altered to fit, yet you’ll have a lot of flexibility with your design. Note there is often a minimum quantity of fans you must order.

There is still so much room for creativity and highlighting your personal style.

Using Program Fans On and After Your Wedding Day

Why not put a large straw basket on a table near the ceremony area; you can optionally line it with colored lace. Fill the basket with your personalized wedding program fans. The guests will be pleased at your thoughtfulness and will be happy to take a program before taking their seats. If they are not using the fans to cool themselves, your guests will be regarding all the detail and following along with the ceremony before them.

Everyone will leave the event with a lovely memento of your special day!