February 22, 2017

Wedding Parasols

ryanlerch_umbrella_outline Wedding Parasols are a perfect accent for your wedding celebration. Held lightly over the shoulder they will look great in your wedding photographs. And for an outdoor wedding or a beach wedding, have a few rice wedding paper parasols available for your guests to use as shade from the sun. This is so eco-chic.

What’s a Parasol?

A parasol is much like an umbrella, but is used to protect from the sun rather than from the rain. The word is from the French and literally means “for sun”. Paper parasols are sometimes called paper umbrellas and are just a larger (and somewhat sturdier) version of the ones put in your tropical cocktail drink.

Parasols for Weddings Come in So Many Colors, Sizes, Shapes and Styles

You may be surprised that while an umbrella is almost always round when open, a parasol for a wedding may have other shapes – the star shape is very popular.

Regarding sizes, a 12″ wedding parasol makes a great reception table centerpiece; a 20″ parasol works for small children; 28″ to 33″ diameter wedding parasols are a more standard size for adults to hold. Some have bamboo boning while others have metal or wooden ribs. A wooden handle is pretty standard.

Nylon Parasol Nylon ParasolWe think these pastel-colored parasols from theKnot are just perfect for your garden or beach wedding. Place them around for your guests to shield themselves from the sun (and look exotic and cute, too). Made from nylon, so theyll stand up to sun, wind and drizzle (heaven forbid). Available in pink, yellow, blue and natural. Parasol measures 2½ ft. in diameter. They have paper parasols too in lots of colors!

While the image of white wedding parasols may be what pops first into your head, colors range from whites, ivories and ecrus through the pastels like mango orange, grass green, and powder blue into deeper colors like fuchsia, dark red, purple and turquoise. They can also have designs like Songbirds and Flower, Cherry Blossoms, and White and Black Swirl.

Fancier Wedding Parasols

Lace parasols for weddings hearken back to Victorian times and come in white or ecru as well as other colors.  These styles will cost more than the paper variety. Some are available with coordinating gloves and fans to really complete the period look.

Costs for parasols range from about $10 each for a simple rice paper style for an adult to $20 for a gilded parasol with a golden design. Then, they can go into the hundreds of dollars for a custom made couture one personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date, or ornamented with silk flowers, lace or Swarovski crystals.

How Many Parasols?

Of course this is truly up to the bride, but one suggestion is to have a more decorative white or ivory paper wedding parasol for the bride herself and simpler ones for her bridesmaids that are color coordinated with their dresses.

If the wedding is to be very formal and the bride’s gown is an elegant high-end designer style, then she may choose one of the couture wedding parasols and her attendants may not have any.

Alternatively, if this is a “period” wedding and the bride is head to heal dressed in Victorian lace, then a lace parasol for her is more apropos.

Needless to say, this has so much to do with the bride and the ladies of the bridal party coordinating their parasols with their dresses.

Coordinate Your Wedding Parasols With Your Decorations

Rice paper parasols for a wedding coordinate very well with hanging paper lanterns and lantern centerpieces, folded paper fan wedding favors and other Asian accents. Other types of parasols should match your theme accordingly.
There are many web-sites with extensive catalogs of wedding parasols for you to browse through before you order. I hope this overview of parasols has been helpful. Now get ready for a splendid wedding!